Best Luxor Day Trips & Excursions in Egypt 2024

Luxor day tours offer you the ideal chance to completely lose yourself in the history and ancient civilization of Luxor, taking you on a wonderful trip through time.

Luxor City, one of the most common tourist places in Egypt, has an unrivaled variety of historical treasures waiting to be found.

Experience Luxor tours is home to the greatest concentration of ancient sites like The Valley of the Queens in the world, based on both legends and scholars, which makes it a fascinating destination for historical attractions and lovers of layout. Make full advantage of this chance to completely lose yourself in Luxor's enchantment by booking Luxor day tours with Deluxe tours

Explore historic temples in Luxor tours and day trips, including the magnificent Temple of Hatshepsut, which remains as an experience to the excellence of ancient buildings. Go on Luxor excursion to the city of Luxor and view the east and west banks of the Nile, where you are going to come across ancient sites like the 3,000-year-old Karnak Temple and the Luxor Temple.

Take   Nile River cruise that links Luxor and Aswan, and go on magical Luxor day trips to discover Aswan's wonderful sights. Visit the Temple of Philae, the Nubian Museum, Valley of the Kings and the Unfinished Obelisk to totally lose yourself in Nubian traditions as you learn about the rich heritage of this ancient civilization.

Let Luxor Day Tours be the entrance to a tour through time, when history comes to life before your eyes, whether you're drawn to the ancient marvels of Luxor or ready to discover Unique Experience of Luxor Day Trips

Luxor day tours

Luxor day trips  are guaranteed to fill you with unique memories, absorbing you in the captivating past and magnificent beauty of this ancient city During Luxor full day tour 

A gorgeous hot air balloon trip that offers expansive views of Luxor's amazing landscape and the wandering Nile River below starts off your adventure.

Enjoy history through a fascinating light and sound show at the Karnak Temples, Temple of Kom Ombo where a dazzling show of lights and mesmerizing narration takes history to life.

On a Luxor full-day tour, you can explore the wonders of the East and West banks of the Nile, exploring popular attractions such as the peaceful Valley of the Nobles, the Ramesseum Temple, and Habu Temple & The Luxor Museum

Explore Luxor tours & discover the mystical beauty of the Dendera and Abydos temples, where legends and fairy tales from history await your exploration. Take A guided tour from Cairo to Luxorday tour experience, where you can explore its treasures, like the famous Egyptian Museum and mysterious pyramids, for the ultimate experience. Whether the peacefulness of the Nile River or the majesty of the ancient ruins call to you, our Luxor excursion guarantees an enriching experience that will leave you with lifelong memories.

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Luxor Day Tours are guided excursions to explore the ancient wonders of Luxor in one day. These tours typically cover famous landmarks such as Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple, providing an intense and comprehensive experience of Luxor's rich history and culture.


Day trips in Luxor take about 8 to 10 hours, depending on the flight path and the chosen attractions. However, some Tours may offer adjustable periods depending on your preference.


Wearing convenient walking clothing and shoes is recommended, as you will explore various archaeological sites. In addition, consider wearing modest clothing out of respect for local culture, especially when visiting religious sites.

Yes, the  Luxor day Tours can be appropriate for children, depending on their age and interest in history and culture. However, it is necessary to choose a tour that includes family friendly activities and consider the duration and intensity of the trip to ensure a comfortable experience for all


Luxor City is generally a safe town to visit. As with any tourist destination, however, it is always wise to be alert to your surroundings and to guard against petty theft.