Kom Ombo in Aswan, Egypt

Temple of Kom Ombo
20 / November / 2023

About the Temple of Kom Ombo

The Temple of Kom Ombo is one of the most distinctive ancient Egyptian constructions of all time. The temple is one of its kind all over Egypt as it consists of two temples; each dedicated to a different god.

History of the Temple of Kom Ombo

Ptolemy VI Philometor constructed the Temple of Kom Ombo during the 2nd century AD. Its decorations and ornaments were actually completed however during the Roman period. The temple is divided into two separate temples. The first is dedicated to Sobek, the local crocodile god. The second was for the worship of Haroeris, the falcon god.

The word Kom Ombo consists of two words. The first, Kom, means piles in Arabic. The other word, Ombo refers to gold in the ancient Egyptian language. This area was central to gold mines in ancient times.

Location of the Temple of Kom Ombo

The Temple of Kom Ombo directly overlooks the River Nile. The Temple of Kom Ombo is situated around 200 kilometers to the South of Luxor City, 48 kilometers to the North of Aswan, and 834 kilometers to the South of Cairo.

Explore Temple of Kom Ombo

The Temple of Kom Ombo is distinctive in its layout and design. It consists of two temples with all their features. Although the temple was established in the Ptolemaic period and finished in the Roman period, it has traditional ancient Egyptian ornaments.

The walls of the temples show different and marvelous inscriptions and portraits. There are several amazing stone columns as well, in addition to many mummified crocodiles.

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