The Valley of the Queens
19 / November / 2023

About the Valley of the Queens

While the kings of ancient Egypt of the New Kingdom were buried in the Valley of the Kings, the Queens were buried in their valley near them. The Valley of the Queens hosts some of the most marvelous ancient Egyptian tombs.

The History of the Valley of the Queens

The burial rituals in the Valley of the Queens started in the 15th century BC until the 11th century BC. This was during the ruling period of the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties. During the 10th century BC, several tombs were modified to accommodate more than one deceased. Some remakes showed that the tombs were reused again during the Christian period in Egypt.

The location of the Valley of the Queens

The Valley of the Queens lies close to the well-known Valley of the Kings in Luxor, also known as the ancient Thebes, or the West Bank. Unknown factors led to the Valley of the Queens' precise location being chosen. That was primarily, though, because it was close to the workers' previous residences, Deir al Madina and the Valley of the Kings.

What is interesting to do and explore in Valley of the Queens?

The most interesting tombs to explore in the Valley of the Queens include the Tomb of Queen Nefertari, the favorite wife of King Ramses II. The tomb is among the most fabulous all in Egypt.  Discovered in 1904, the tomb represents the best example of ancient Egyptian art and architecture. Other marvelous tombs include those of Princess Teti, Meritamen, Bintanath, and several other tombs.