Luxor Museum
21 / November / 2023

About the Luxor Museum

Do you imagine how would a museum of a city like Luxor, with legends claiming it hosts a big portion of the world’s monuments and historical sites, look like? Yes, it is truly one of the largest and most impressive museums all over the world. The Luxor Museum hosts displays that cover the history of ancient Thebes, from various periods, ruling periods, and eras.

History of the Luxor Museum

Former Egyptian president, Anwar Al Sadat, inaugurated the Luxor Museum in 1975. The building of the Luxor Museum consists of two floors. It was one of the most impressive museums in Luxor and in Egypt.

Location of the Luxor Museum

The Luxor Museum has a distinctive location overlooking the River Nile in the East Bank of Luxor, near the Karnak Temple.

What is to explore at the Luxor Museum?

A selection of the items discovered in Tut Ankh Amun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings is one of the most striking exhibits at the Luxor. Statues from the Luxor Temple, the Ahmose I Mummies, and Ramses I Mummies are among the other exhibitions.

The most famous museum in the world, the Luxor Museum, offers deluxe excursions that you shouldn't miss on your Luxor day tour