Christmas Nile Cruise Tours

A Christmas Nile Cruises in Egypt is a fantastic way to celebrate the Christmas holiday season! Picture a boat gently sailing down the iconic Nile River while soaking up the festive spirit. The weather in Egypt tours during Christmas is pleasantly mild, with temperatures ranging from 60°F to 70°F, making it perfect for exploring Egypt tour packages.

As you cruise along, you'll encounter mesmerizing historical sites. One of the highlights is Luxor, home to the stunning Karnak Temple and the legendary Valley of the Kings. Imagine wandering through ancient temples adorned with intricate hieroglyphs, feeling like an explorer discovering treasures of the past through our guided Egypt classic tours.

Christmas and New Year Cruises

Edfu and Kom Ombo temples are also must-visit stops along the Nile during our Egypt Nile Cruise Tours. These ancient wonders showcase Egypt's rich history and are sure to leave you in awe with their grandeur and stories etched in stone.

The cruise doesn’t just offer history; it’s a chance to relax too, you will enjoy free time to enjoy during our Egypt luxury tours. Enjoy the picturesque scenery from the deck, savor delicious Egyptian cuisine, and take in the breathtaking sunset over the Nile, making for magical moments that will stay with you.

In Aswan, visit the Philae Temple, a marvel relocated to save it from the rising waters of Lake Nasser that you should visit in our Lake Nasser Cruises. It’s a testament to Egypt's commitment to preserving its heritage.

Christmas Nile Cruises is a blend of history, relaxation, and festive cheer. The atmosphere in our Egypt budget holiday packages is joyful, with decorations, music, and special holiday-themed activities arranged onboard. Imagine celebrating Christmas with your partner in Egypt honeymoon packages new friends from around the world while surrounded by ancient wonders.

Overall, Christmas Nile River Cruises is a unique and enchanting way to spend the holiday season, offering a blend of cultural exploration, relaxation, and festive celebrations amidst Egypt's timeless beauty.

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