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Cairo tour, Islamic Cairo
26 / May / 2024

Cairo, the exciting city of Egypt, induces tourists with an equal amount of current energy and old elegance, experienced guides, enjoy a trip back in time when you see the well-known pyramids, the Egyptian Museum's treasure trove, and the curious maze of Old Cairo on day trips from Cairo, Check in the architectural marvels of Islamic Cairo, such as the Alabaster Mosque, Take a luxurious Cairo Nile cruise down the fabled Nile, or go on interesting day trips beyond the city to find hidden treasures like the Step Pyramid of Djoser, Cairo, the beautiful city of Egypt, is the place to go on unforgettable trips, with Deluxe tours

Islamic Cairo Mosques

A must-visit for anyone looking to lose fully in the rich history of Egypt's capital is Old Cairo, a cultural and historical treasure trove, With a focus on Cairo's great mosques, that act as memories of the city's Islamic past, our Old Cairo Guide gives an exceptional discover into the heart of the ancient city, Visit these well-known sites by starting a Cairo day trip

Sultan Hassan Mosque

One must visit the Sultan Hassan Mosque, an amazing example of Mamluk architecture, on any day trip to Cairo in your Egypt travel Packages, Built around the 14th century, this impressive building functioned as a mosque and a school for teaching Islamic law, It is the center point of any tour of the Islamic Cairo Mosques with its towering minarets and complex ornamentation.

sultan hassan mosque

Imam Hussein Mosque

positioned in the center of the ancient city, the Imam Hussein Mosque is extremely significant, The head of Imam Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, is believed to reside there, This is a deeply moving place to see, offering insight into the religious devotion that is Cairo, Egypt's trademark,Include this location to your day trips to Cairo for its calm and coveted vibe.

Ibn Tulun Mosque

One of Cairo's oldest mosques, the Ibn Tulun Mosque, is celebrated for its large courtyard and unusual spiral minaret, It allows a peek into early Islamic architecture, which was built in the ninth century, Visit Ibn Tulun, that is included in your Cairo City Break Guide, to take traveling back in time and experience the timeless majesty and fortitude of Islamic art and architecture.

Ibn Tulun Mosque

Al Azhar Mosque

Seeing the Al Azhar Mosque is a must-see when exploring the Islamic Cairo Mosques. It originated in 970 AD and today is recognized as a prominent center for Islamic scholarship. It is the main point of any  Egypt day excursion or tour of Cairo for its stunning architecture and historical significance, Our Old Cairo Guide gives exhaustive details on these and other significant attractions in your Egypt tours for those who are itching for more, so your day trips to Cairo are unforgettable. Enjoy Cairo, Egypt's soul, its authentic nature as the nation's capital, through its magnificent mosques and rich history.

Cairo City Break

A Magical Tour of Cairo, Touching the Heart of Egypt's Capital Start out on an exciting day trip to Cairo, the mesmerizing capital of Egypt, where history and culture mingle, Take an extensive day tour of Cairo to start experiencing Cairo's wide variety of Islamic mosques,  As you stroll through the historic streets, our Old Cairo guide will point you the architectural marvels that highlight the city's spiritual history, The Sultan Hassan Mosque is one of these, its majestic minarets and magnificent signs are amazing to behold, a tribute to Mamluk grandeur.

Next, the Imam Hussein Mosque offers a peaceful place where you can consider its spiritual attitude and its historical significance, It is situated next to the lively Khan El Khalili bazaar, and Al moez street One of Cairo's largest and oldest mosques, the Ibn Tulun Mosque, includes unique Abbasid architecture and offers panoramic views of the city from its minaret, Don't miss it! From the esteem of Imam Hussein to the architectural talent of Ibn Tulun, every mosque has a story to tell. This makes your day trips in Cairo highly informative. 

As you explore further on your Cairo city break guide, lose yourself in the vibrant energy of Cairo Egypt, where the ancient and the modern coexist harmoniously, Whether you're on a short city break or an extended stay, the city offers endless Cairo day trips to historic sites, bustling markets, and cultural landmarks. Our meticulously planned Cairo day tour & trips ensure that every moment is filled with discovery and awe. Embrace the spirit of Cairo, the Capital of Egypt, and let its timeless Beauty captivate you on this journey.

Cairo city break

Old Cairo

Egypt's colorful capital, Cairo, vibrates with culture and history, This city offers a stunning mixture between modern energy and historical treasures, Excited by the famous  Giza pyramids With the help of our experienced guides, our day trips from Cairo take you to the gorgeous Giza Plateau, where the majestic pyramids watch across the desert.

Through the help of our Cairo day trip choices, discover more regarding Egypt's rich history,  Visit the amazing collections of the Egyptian Museum, which boasts an exceptional collection of pharaonic things, including King Tutankhamun's golden grave mask. 

Cairo day tour

Cairo has more to offer than pharaohs, Old Cairo Guide tour, take an interesting trip through time, take a Cairo day Tour the maze-like passages of Islamic Cairo as you take in the beautiful construction of mosques such as the Sultan Hassan Mosque and the Alabaster Mosque. Explore the spiritual core of Coptic Cairo 

egyptian museum cairo

Nile Cruise Dining

Luxury Egypt Nile cruise makes for an experience that will last a lifetime,  Sail the legendary Nile River to take in the incredible beauty and ancient monuments along its banks. Alternatively, join one of our many Cairo day tours to find hidden gems beyond the city, intriguing Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara or visit Memphis, the ancient Egyptian capital, and its necropolis.

cairo nile cruise

Cairo Adventure

Our wide range of Egypt Classic tours in Cairo day excursions and day trips suits all interests, whether you're hoping for the majesty of the pyramids, the artifacts of the Egyptian Museum, or the alluring charm of Old Cairo,  Let us to guide you on an amazing tour of this amazing city, the enticing Egyptian capital.

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