Marsa Alam City

Marsa Alam City
21 / November / 2023

About Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is one of the most amazing Red Sea cities in Egypt. Due to its magnificent geographical location, Marsa Alam offers distinctive diving and snorkeling spots and some of the most amazing beaches in Egypt.

History and Establishment of Marsa Alam

The word Marsa means port in Arabic and many cities around Egypt hold that name including Marsa Alam and Marsa Matrouh. On the other hand, the word Alam means flag in reference to the several mountains around the city. Marsa Alam was famous during Pharaonic and Roman times for its gold mines. This is in addition to an important route that was established in the Ptolemaic period. In modern times, the city remained as a piece of the desert until 1995 when the Egyptian government decided to develop it as a tourist hub, today it has become one of the most popular cities that welcome tourists from all over the world.

Location of Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is located relatively away from several other cities around Egypt. The city is situated 274 kilometers to the South of Hurghada, 747 kilometers to the South East of Cairo, and 365 kilometers to the North East of Luxor. However, this distinguished location overlooks a long beach on the Red Sea. Marsa Alam has an international airport, a Yacht marina, an international conference center, and many other places.

What is interesting to do and Explore in Marsa Alam?

Marsa Alam is factually famous for diving and fishing. Life in Marsa Alam revolves around the resorts where tourists stay. This is where they enjoy the beaches, snorkeling, diving, or even chilling out in the water. The city also hosts a number of natural protected areas like Wadi El Gamal or the Valley of the Camels, and the Samadai beach, famous for dolphins. Tourists also enjoy going on safaris in the deserts and mountains around Marsa Alam.