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The Egyptian Museum
20 / November / 2023

About the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is one of the largest and most impressive museums in the world. The museum has the largest collection of ancient Egyptian art.

History of the Egyptian Museum

The story of the establishment of an Egyptian museum goes back to the middle of the 19th century when foreign consuls wanted to gather the displays of ancient Egypt. Mohamed Ali, the ruler of Egypt at the time, issued a decree to establish the Egyptian antiquities’ authority in 1835 and the very first Egyptian museum was founded in the neighborhood of Al Azabakiya. Afterward, the Egyptian museum had several locations including Boulaq in Cairo and another place in Giza. The foundation of the current Egyptian Museum tourists from all over the globe explore today was on the 1st of April 1897. French Architect, Marcel Dornon, designed the museum following European styles and outlines.

The building of the current Egyptian Museum was the first building in the world that was established to be a museum from the beginning. Today, it is one of the biggest museums all over the globe.

Location of the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is situated in Tahrir Square and gained international fame due to the emergence of the 25th of January Egyptian Museum in the Square. Although the Egyptian government is now finalizing the Grand Egyptian Museum near the Giza Pyramids, the current Egyptian Museum will preserve its elegance and importance.

Explore Egyptian Museum

Don't skip the visit to the ancient Egyptian museum with luxury tours whilst on your day tour of Cairo.The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities consists of three floors and a large open-air garden museum. The displays of the museum are divided according to their historical periods. There is a prehistoric collection that includes pottery, fishing tools, and other daily things the ancient Egyptians used.

The collection of the Old Kingdom includes some unique statues of Djoser, Khafre, and Menkaure. There are also several coffins and mural pictures. On the other hand, the displays of the Middle Kingdom include statutes of Mentuhotep I, Senosurt I, and Amenmehat III, and some small sizes of the Pyramids built in Al Fayoum.

The collection of the New Kingdom is the most popular and impressive in the Egyptian Museum. The distinctive collection of the golden displays of King Tut Ankh Amun is breathtaking. There are also a huge number of displays including papyrus papers, war wheels, the collection of Akhenaten, and many other exhibits.Egyptian Museum one of the Best Places to Visit Egypt.


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