Aswan - The most beautiful City on the Nile

Aswan - The most beautiful City on the Nile
20 / January / 2022


About Aswan

Aswan is the southernmost city located over the River Nile in Egypt. It has always been the southern gate of the land of the Nile and a city with a unique atmosphere. Famous for its warm weather and distinctive views of the Nile, Aswan is almost located in all travel packages to Egypt.


The History and Establishment of Aswan

Aswan was inhabited probably in the presynaptic period. It was called Sunu in ancient Egypt. This word meant the market as Aswan was an important commercial hub for caravans coming and going to Nubia. Aswan was also nicknamed as the land of the gold. This is because it presented a treasure for the Nubian kings who lived in the town for centuries. 

The importance of Aswan increased with the establishment of the Old Kingdom. Aswan was an important stronghold for the Egyptian army to protect the southern borders of Egypt.

The island of Philae, the origin of the God Osiris and the Goddess Isis, was a significant religious site for centuries. When the Romans took control of Egypt, Emperor Trajan founded the famous Temple of Philae following the lines of the ancient Egyptians. Christianity became the official religion of Egypt in the fifth century. At that time, most of the Pharaonic monuments were transformed into Christian foundations. 


The Location of Aswan

Aswan is located in Southern Egypt inside the Valley of the Nile. Luxor is located to it north, the Red Sea Governorate to its East, Al Wadi Al Gadid Governorate to the West, and Abu Simble and then Sudanese borders to the South.

Aswan is situated around 879 kilometers to the South of Cairo, 215 kilometers to the South of Luxor, 288 kilometers to the North of Abu Simble, and 515 kilometers to the South West of Hurghada.


Interesting places and things to do in Aswan

 Aswan is an extremely awesome city to visit and explore. There are many travelers from all over the world who simply fell in love with Aswan. This is because of its pleasant weather and matchless monuments.

The main highlights or major places to explore in Aswan include the Temple of Philae, the High Dam, and the Unfinished Obelisk. Most interesting activities to do in Aswan include sailing down the Nile in the most magnificent sections of the river and unparalleled atmosphere.