Hatshepsut Temple
20 / November / 2023

About the Hatshepsut Temple

The mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut is one of the most distinctive monuments of the West Bank of Luxor. It was called the splendid of all splendid in ancient Egypt due to its charm and unique architectural features.

Hatshepsut Temple History

The Temple of Hatshepsut was built 15 years after Hatshepsut was pronounced as the leader of Egypt on the vestiges of a lot more established structure that had a place with Tuthmosis III. Hatshepsut had a place in the eighteenth century. It is the best-protected verifiable site of this period that stayed until the present time.

During the early Christian period in Egypt, the temple was transformed into a monastery that held the name El Deir Al Bahry or the Northern Monastery. The temple was utilized for Christian worship until the 11th century AD

The Location of the Hatshepsut Temple

The Temple of Hatshepsut is situated on the West Bank of the River Nile in Luxor. It is located near many marvelous monuments including the Valley of the Kings and the Colossi of Memnon.

What is interesting to do in the Hatshepsut Temple?

The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut has several matchless factors. The first is its location at the bottom of one of the huge mountains of the West Bank of Luxor. The second is its unique layout that consists of three consecutive terraces built of limestone.

At the entrance of the temple, there is an amazing statue of the god Horus. Afterward, to the right, there is the chapel of the god Anubis and then to the left, there is the chapel of the goddess Hathour. All these sections are featured with magnificent decorations and some colors remain today.

The walls of the temple display the mission Queen Hatshepsut sent to Pont lands for commercial purposes that came back with many commodities. The temple also hosts many wonderful and huge statues of Queen Hatshepsut disguised as a Pharaoh.