the Aswan high dam

The High Dam
16 / November / 2023

About the High Dam

The High Dam is considered the largest and most impressive constructional achievement of modern Egypt. The Egyptian government built it to preserve the water of the Nile flood and to generate a considerable portion of Egypt’s electricity.

The History of the High Dam

After the World Bank refused to fund the construction of the High Dam, the Egyptian government nationalized the Suez Canal to provide the needed fund to construct the High Dam. With the cost of around one billion US dollars, the Soviet Union supported Egypt with one-third of this amount. This is in addition to 400 Soviet experts who worked in its construction that started in 1960. The construction was completed in 1968, in the ruling period of former Egyptian President, Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The Location of the High Dam

The High Dam and The Temple Of Abu Simbel is located in Aswan and your can easily explore during your Egypt Travel Packages, near Anglica Island, where the High Dam is situated. Many tourists who visit Egypt explore the wonders of the High Dam, and take a Nilre River Cruises from luxor & Aswan.When you are on a tour in Egypt, do not miss visiting the High Dam with deluxe tours.

What is interesting to do and explore in the High Dam

The High Dam is considered the best project of its type all over the world. International organizations chose the High Dam as the best architectural project of the 20th century. The body of the dam has a length of 3600 meters and a width of 980 meters. The highest point of the High Dam is 111 meters. It is estimated that the size of the dam is around 43 million cubic meters. 
After water of the River Nile was preserved behind the dam, Nasser Lake was formed. The lake has a length of 500 kilometers and an average width of 10 kilometers and it is considered among the largest artificial lakes all over the world.


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