Best Aswan Tours & Excursions 2024

Enjoy The Top Aswan Day Trips Of beautiful spots that display Aswan's nature and heritage with Aswan Day Tours. Our Deluxe tours fulfill every curiosity, whether you are drawn to it by the captivating culture, breathtaking scenery, or historic past.

Just be ready to be fascinated as you pass By Aswan Day Tours with popular sites on one of our sightseeing tours.

Every place, from the huge unfinished obelisk to the magnificent Temple of Philae and the engineering marvel of the High Dam, tells a distinct aspect of Egypt's varied past.

The magnificent Temple of Abu Simbel is evidence of Ramesses II's beauty. Aswan excursions & tours are not complete without an Abu Simbel Nile cruise. Enjoy the eternal influence of the Nile River with our attractive Nile River Cruises from Luxor day tour to Aswan, an experience that displays the essence of Aswan's magic. Venture beyond Aswan's limitations with our day tours in Aswan, where the remains of ancient civilizations await.

Explore the majestic Abu simple Temple, the legendary Valley of the Kings, and the amazing Karnak Temple,Temple Of Edfu .each of which is an indicator of Egypt's long history.

With Aswan day tours, you may set off on a voyage of discovery where every second reveals a new facet of Egypt's forever attraction.

Aswan tours and day trips

Here are things to do in Aswan when you visit Aswan Egypt in Summer, A day tour to Aswan from Luxor offers a treasure trove of wonderful experiences, each of which weaves a tapestry of history and culture that captivates the soul. Your Aswan trip begins with the enchanting sound and light show at the Temple of Philae, where ancient stories come to life amidst illuminated monuments. And delve into the region’s rich heritage with a temple tour. Kalabsha and the Nubian Museum, and immerse yourself in the arts and artifacts of the Nubian civilization.

For a spiritual retreat, St. Simeon Monastery, a tranquil oasis set amidst the desert landscape, offers a glimpse into the enduring heritage of Coptic Christianity.

For a grand trip, take a day tour to Abu Simbel, either by car to enjoy the stunning scenery or by plane for a quick trip to see the monumental temples of Ramesses II and Nefertari, standing proudly on the sands of time.

To experience vibrant Nubian culture firsthand, sail the calm waters of the Nile to a Nubian village, where warm hospitality and colorful traditions await.

In Aswan day tours, every adventure unveils layers of ancient wonders and modern delights, inviting you to discover the timeless allure of these Egyptian treasures.

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Aswan day trip  offers a variety of day tours to meet different interests. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  •  Philae Temple

  •  Abu Simbel Temple

  • the High Dam

  •  Nubian village tour

  •  The UnfinishedObelisk

  •  Play with Felucca on Nile


The best time for an Aswan day tour is during the spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November). The weather is mild during these times, making it more comfortable for sightseeing. However, Aswan is a year-round destination, so you can visit any time if you don't mind the summer heat.

A typical Aswan Day tour usually takes about 8 to 10 hours, depending on the flight path and frequency of the tour.


Yes, many Aswan Day Tours are family friendly, but it's important to check with the tour organizer regarding age restrictions and suitability of the itinerary for children.

Yes ,Aswan day tours with deluxe tours include a Professional English-speaking Egyptologist guide.