Citadel of Qaitbay, A Travel Guide

Qaitbay Fort - Saladin Citadel of Alexandria
20 / January / 2022

About Qaitbay Fort

Qaitbay Fort is one of the most famous and popular landmarks of Alexandria. It is also one of its kind all over Egypt and the finest example of Mamluks’ military construction. A visit to the Qaitbay Fort is quite recommended for any tourists who visit Alexandria. 

The History and Establishment of Qaitbay Fort

The Mamluk Sultan, Al Ashraf Qaitbay ordered to construct the famous fort in 1477. The fort was constructed over the ruins of the famous ancient lighthouse and using the remaining stones of it.

Completed two years afterwards in 1479, the reason behind its construction was to protect Alexandria against foreign attacks especially from the Ottomans who used to have a strong military fleet.

The Location of Qaitbay Fort

Fort Qaitbay is situated at the Western edge of Alexandria at quite a distinctive strategic location. Travelers who visit Alexandria Tours can see the fort from almost everywhere around the shores of the city with its unique amazing structure.

Interesting places and things to do in Qaitbay Fort

The interesting features are all over Fort Qaitbay. It has the dimensions of 150 X 130 meters with the sea surrounding it from three directions. The main tower or structure of Fort Qaitbay is at the center of the whole complex.

The fortified walls are divided into two sections. The external walls contain protection towers and places where soldiers can defend it. The inner walls contain the weapons’ storage place and the soldiers' barracks.

The main tower of Fort Qaitbay has a semi-square shape with three floors. There are also four circular shaped towers at the four corners of this section. Inside the tower, there is the oldest surviving mosque and minaret in Alexandria, Enjoy a day tour to Alexandria with Deluxe Tours!


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